The textile and fashion industry is a notoriously toxic industry that takes a toll on the planet and we rarely have the impact information about the products we buy.  The fashion industry also employs an estimated 70 million people and generates tremendous economic value. This value unfortunately isn’t distributed fairly among the people that generate it. 

SARTH is here to take an active part in creating an industry that is both positive for people and planet. We do this by showcasing products from companies and brands that have respectful and secure working environments, they have good wage systems, they use smart and minimal impact material, they trace their resources and know what their impact is, they are transparent and drive change within a circular system. 

Whenever you find a product on SARTH, you can be sure that the product it self and the product brand encompass and comply with most or all of the above factors. Standards and certifications are crucial here, as they reveal a lot of information about how the garment was made and what the working conditions are like. They validate the brands' responsibility and ethical commitment and the brands' value while also providing guidance and credentials. 

There are a ton of certifications, some better than others, some more common than others and it is basically very time-consuming and a jungle to figure out. We pursue to make this easy for you by only choosing products with standards and certifications, and we dive into each product's supply chain and get as much information as possible. 

To name a few standards/certifications: 



We update the standard- and certification pages on an ongoing basis and we always want to get better, so please send us a DM on @sarth.life or an e-mail at  hello@sarth.dk if you are missing some standards or information (or just want to say hi <3 ).